Bestiary Entry 051:Edit

Shizuka's Bestiary:Edit

"A youkai that rolls violently through the town during the stillness of the midnight. It's said they're the vengeful spirits of those who were run over and trampled over by a noble's cart and that they're searching for that noble to this very day. There are rumors that anyone who lays eyes on them will have their soul sucked out of them. Towns where this youkai appear in generally close up early and post wards on their doors and keep from going outside after hours." Untitled

Variation of WanyuudouEdit




Huge WanyuudouEdit

  • Huge Wanyuudou

Huge Wanyuudou

Hakkou WanyuudouEdit

  • Hakkou Wanyuudou

Hakkou Wanyuudou

Boss ImageEdit

Enemy 02400

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