Bestiary Entry 097:Edit

Shizuka's Bestiary:Edit

"A flying robotic superweapon that Veronica rode into battle. Apparently "she" designed it so only "she" could use it, as it seems to run off of the power of her love. Expressing your love is one thing, but it's a little odd to use that energy for...lethal purposes. But Veronica-san was actually "that," right? So that means...well, love comes in many forms! Yeah." 97

Variation of Sebas-chanEdit


Veronica sebas


Other VariationEdit

Sebas-chan (Low HP)Edit

Veronica sebas

Sebas-chan (Low HP)


Sebas kairai b


Arms Dealer and PuppetEdit



  • Nature: Phantom
  • Location: None

Boss ImageEdit

Enemy 11300

Attack PatternEdit

Onigiri Veronica & Sebas-chan-112:36

Onigiri Veronica & Sebas-chan-1

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