Bestiary Entry 081:Edit

Shizuka's Bestiary:Edit

"A youkai that swoops down from the air suddenly and snatches children away. It's suspected that these youkai are involved with the rumors about children being spirited away. They say they were originally prenant women who died before giving birth. Sometimes they appear before travelers and ask them to hold their child, which turns out to be a heavy rock.. I guess they're so overcome ith grief that they can't see reality. It's sad, but telling them the truth might be the only way to save them. Who knows, maybe they'll understand?" 81

Variation of UbumeEdit




Attack PatternsEdit

  • Swooping Attack
    • The ubume jumps into the air, pausing for a moment, and then swoops forward in a straight line dealing large amounts of damage over a long distance.
  • Frenzied Flailing
    • The ubume jumps into the air, pausing for a moment, and then lands again stomping around swinging wildly in place dealing damage to anything close.

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