Bestiary Entry 024:Edit

Shizuka's Bestiary:Edit

"Little frog that were affected by Gama's youkai energy. They're often encountered in large number on the field. They're technically youkai, but often seen as herald of rain, making them a boon for farmers. While they're cute now, if they are left alone, they'll keep absorbing youkai energy until they turn into a horrific beast. It's kind of sad to have to kill them when they're still so cute, but it's for the good of everyone if they're taken down early."


Raincaller Frog



Field: Oushuu Nasu Highlands, Oushuu Highway Terminal
Dungeon: Shimmering Forest, Alluring Caverns, Suguchi Cave, Woods of Shigure, Assault! Glacies Typhon
Variant Super Rare Drop: Lovely Wind Chime - Normal Drop (3%), Hard Drop (4.35%), Hell Drop (6.31%), Field Drop (1.50%)

Huge Venom Amagaeru
*This variant's elemental attributes differ from the standard type.

Dungeon: Assault! Hail Tiamat

Raincaller Frog
*This variant's elemental attributes differ from the standard type.

Field: Various during the rain caller event.

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