Loot: Edit

Gold: Wind Sunlight Talisman, Deathbringer, Amanokako Bow,Chidori, Heavenly Ranmagiri Sword, Earth Oshikiri Tachi,Dark Kashi Staff, Doujikiriyasutsuna, Onikirikunitsuna

Silver: Byakue Talisman, Wind Sunlight Talisman, Intetsu Battleaxe,Dark Kashi Staff, Ranmagiri Sword, Distorted Battleaxe, Nyuudou Tachi,Whitecap Staff, Bug-eaten Spear, Frayed Bow, Heavenly Ranmagiri Sword

Bronze: Bug-eaten Spear, Ranmagiri Sword, Oldtimer's Talisman,Whitecap Staff, Imitation Katana, Dark Kashi Staff, Nyuudou Tachi,Aburahinoki Spear, Heavenly Ranmagiri Sword, Frayed Bow,Intetsu Battleaxe, Minamoto Bow, Byakue Talisman, Chiguhagu Twin Blades, Distorted Battleaxe, Tokage Twin Blades, Earth Oshikiri Tachi

Weapons Found HereEdit

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