Story Edit

After being given Daruma's Pipe by the player in the previous quest, Kantarou's friends don't believe she got that by herself. Kantarou on the spur of the moment said she will prove she is a fighter by defeating 3 Kappa. Realizing her rash behavior, she returns to the player and asks for you to defeat the Kappa for her so she can continue to show off to her friends.

You head off and dispatch the Kappa easily and return to tell Kantarou of your completed mission. When you return Kantarou is happy to run off and tell her friends, but Lady Shizuka appears and gives her a lesson on the bad nature of continuous lying. Lying now will only add more lies later on down the line and you will always have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind whenever talking with your friends. Lady Shizuka instructs Kantarou to tell her friends the truth before the lies get out of hand. Kantarou agrees reluctantly and heads off to tell her friends.

Quest Completed

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