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During the game of Onigiri, there are NPCs that travel with the player. Each and every partner will serve a certain important purpose both with their background and their capabilities. And as the player's friendship with each partner grows, the corresponding partner will also grow in power and ability.

Recent updates to the game have introduced the concept of "Special" partners as well as pets. These partners will fight by the player's side like regular partners, but have an additional gameplay mechanic: the Vanguard Swap. Once the swap occurs, the partner and the player will switch places and the player can now control the partner while the player's character follows along. Pets also have their own unique system. Much like players, pets can level up and allocate status points as well as learn new skills, but are fully controlled by an AI.


These partners are part of a system called the "Partner System", where each NPC that joins the group will serve a purpose with what they are capable with. Each of the partners can also participate in battle with the player if summoned. While the player starts out with 3 partners upon leaving Onigashima, who are Lady Shizuka, Yoshitsune and Miroku, by the time the player finishes his/her deal in Kyoto, the player will have all 8 partners at his/her disposal.


Uniquely, each partner also has their own depth of background. As the player's friendship with the partners grow, the player will hear more and more of the partner's backstory. Although their backstory don't seem important to the plot of the whole game, each partner's life is already connectedly deeply to the tales of the Kami-kui or the Goikkou all before the beginning of the player's journey.

Affection SystemEdit

The Affection System (仲良しシステム nakayoshi shisutemu) is what allows the player to increase the player's friendliness with each member of the Partner System. To increase their friendliness with a partner, the player needs to present the partner a Affection item. Four Affection items (Pendant, Goldfish, Booklet, Play-Model) are found throughout the game, while others are only money-bought or given through specific story quests. However friendship drop rate is effected by your level, any monsters 10 levels below yours will rarely if ever (yes 0% drop chance for lower levels) drop friendship items. The easiest way to level partners is to use the Je T'aime skill found on skill card set 1, if you upgrade the bow skill to tier 3 (via smelting + skill upgrade) it enjoys 80% on kill shot friendship amore drop vs 50% on kill shot friendship amore drop. Its also non-extractable so use the skill cards sparingly and on weapons typically at your level. Also amores can be sold in bulk for easy oc.


The way to access the Affection system in-game (in the Japanese version) is to open the menu with the Alt-key, then select the Story (ストーリ- sutōrī) tab, followed by Friendship/Affection (なかよし nakayoshi) in the list.

What to do after is explained below. Onikiri - Affection System explaination


Just like how each person has their preferences, each Affection item will give varying amounts of Affection points based on their preferences. Although each partner has the same point requirements to get onto the next Affection level, providing partners with their preferred item will level them much quicker.

Partnership ExpEdit

Level Exp Level Exp Level Exp
1 0 11 1,140 21 4,830
2 30 12 1,380 22 5,430
3 60 13 1,620 23 6,060
4 120 14 1,890 24 6,720
5 210 15 2,190 25 7,470
6 300 16 2,520 26 8,250
7 420 17 2,910 27 9,120
8 570 18 3,330 28 10,050
9 750 19 3,780 29 11,040
10 930 20 4,290 30 12,090

Using the preferred item on your partner will award 30 experience towards their next level. A neutral item will provide 20 and a disliked item will only give 10 friendship experience. The table above shows the experience required to reach the next level, not the total experience. This means that to reach level two, the player needs 30 points, but to reach level three, the player will need 90 points total. For a partner to reach level 30, the player will spend a total of 109,500 points, or 10950 friendship items (3,650 preferred items).


8 partners will eventually accompany the player on the journey, starting first with Lady Shizuka.

Lady ShizukaEdit

Lady Shizuka is the first partner the player attains and is possibly the most important. She offers storage space which is important in most RPGs and identifies anon items, which in most cases is better than buying weapons from stores. While she is not the strongest in combat, she is a useful support, offering ranged attacks with the bow.


Yoshitsune is the blacksmith to the player; if you need to repair or enhance a weapon, she is the sole person the player should go to. If you want to build a specific weapon, ask her. And on the battlefield, with her katana, she offers progressive damage.


Miroku the merchant. That is his role throughout the game. He is the ideal person to buy and sell from. His bargain offers are especially priceless as he sells hard-to-get or otherwise unobtainable items, although at a bit of a higher price. In combat, he is the only one who uses the spear, the best weapon for dealing with large mobs of youkai.

Ibaraki DoujiEdit

Ibaraki Douji may seem to be unnecessary at first, but never underestimate the power of liquor. In-game, the liquor she offers are bottles of potions that can be like basic healing spells but also the specialized statuses no normal store items offers, such as bonus movement speed or friendly revivals. She fights in a similar way to Yoshitsune.


Momotarou on the field of battle is badass. Literally. Because of the twin blades he wields, he deals long chains of slashing and slicing, and each hit is powerful. Outside of battle, Momotarou offers help with increasing the skill level of the player's weapons, which helps increase the player's battle potentials.


Kaguya comes from a mysterious land where she learned lots about the magatama, becoming the expert of it in the party. From crafting to decomposition, the magatama Kaguya makes offer defensive capabilties and/or stat raises. And in battle, Kaguya boasts a specialized ranged attack that deals "gattle damage" from farther distances than any existing weapon in the game.


Susanoo is the god of battle and allows the players to revisit old enemies. Later on, he opens up specialized dungeons that allows the players to fight more and more. In battle, while his strikes with his odachi are slow, each of these graceful slashes are packed with a good punch.


Amaterasu is a supportive partner, in and out of battle, she supplies a surmountable amount of stat raises to both the players and their partners, while also offering titles the player can take in order to receive benfits. In battle, Amaterasu uses a wand and casts spells from afar, making her the only one who can deal lots of spell damage in the partner system.

Guest PartnersEdit

There is currently only one "Guest" partner. It can be assumed that this section will be for partners that may show up in future crossover events.


Her full name is Sherlock Sherylford. She is always cheerful and straightforward. Preferring to be called Sheryl, she dreams of being a detective, and joined Milky Holmes.

Special Partners and Vanguard SwapEdit

These partners are stronger than the regular partners available to the player, however, all these partners with the exception of Venus and Seigfried will require summoning scrolls from the Nyankoropon to activate. The defining characteristic of these partners is the "Vanguard Swap" mechanic. The player is able to fill up a special bar located underneath the partner hp by attacking and defeating monsters. Once the bar has been filled, the player can use the "T" key on their keyboard to swap places with the partner. The partner and the player must be within a specific range of each other as indicated by the range indicator when the "T" key is held down.

Once the swap has completed, the player will now be in control of the partner rather than their player character. Both HP and SP are recovered and bonus stats are gained. While in "Vanguard" mode, the player also has access to the skills/weapons of their partner as well as additional mobility and attacks. The roll that players perform upon double tapping a direction will be replaced by a dash and can be used in the air. Basic attacks can now be used in the middle of dashing or jumping to create different combos.

The skills that the player will have access to in "Vanguard" mode will be based on the partner with whom was swapped. The unique skills of the partner (example: Musashi's Heavenly Blossom War) can be leveled but not extracted. Any basic skills that both the player and partner have access to (example: Lightning Slash) will share levels and can be extracted.

If the player should die while in "Vanguard" mode, a forced swap will occur and the player will resume control of their player character while the partner returns to an AI-controlled mode similar to a regular partner. There's a known issue where in certain cases, deaths means that both the partner and the player will die at the same time.

These special partners also have a seperate affection system. In order to level the special partners, you need to provide them with weapons, and not friendship items. The partners will also unlock new skills as they level up.

Miyamoto MusashiEdit

A legendary swordswoman both revered by some as a God and reviled by others as a Demon. She travels with a mysterious sword known as Yamato no Kuni no Kunimune with whom she entered into a contract with several hundred years ago.




Sarutobi SasukeEdit

Sasuke is a proud member of Sanada Yukimura's 10 Braves. Even though it may look like she's a fresh faced kid without a worry in the world, her ninja skills are first class and her loyalty to her master Yukimura is absolute. 


In order to obtain the pet system as well as the player's first pet, the player will need to speak to Ashiya Douman located in Onigashima. After obtaining a summoning card, the player can then summon a Youkai as a pet through Douman. Pets have a random chance to come in a different color, such as the pink and black kijimunas when the default is blue.

Pets have 5 different personality types, much like players. These types are as follows: Bravery, Confidence, Cowardly, Obedient, -------. Unlike players, however, these personality types cannot be directly selected are decided upon summoning. Along with these personality types, pets also have the same 5 primary stats as players: Pow, Vit, Wis, Mnd, and Dex. A major difference, however, is the inclusion of a ranking for each stat. A pet, when summoned, will have random rankings (each stat has its own rank) from D to S, which affect the cost in points to level up that statistic as follows:

Rank D
Level Point Cost
1 - 22 5
23 - 34 6
35 - 44 7
45 - 51 8
52 - 56 9
57 - 61 10
62 - 66 11
67 - 69 12
70 - 73 13
74 - 76 14
77 - 78 15
79 - 81 16
82 - 83 17
84 - 85 18
86 - 88 19
89 20
90 - 91 21
92 - 93 22
94 - 95 23
96 24
97 - 98 25
99 26
100 27
Rank C
Level Point Cost
1 - 22 4
23 - 34 5
35 - 44 6
45 - 51 7
52 - 56 8
57 - 61 9
62 - 66 10
67 - 69 11
70 - 73 12
74 - 76 13
77 - 78 14
79 - 81 15
82 - 83 16
84 - 85 17
86 - 88 18
89 19
90 - 91 20
92 - 93 21
94 - 95 22
96 23
97 - 98 24
99 25
100 26
Rank B
Level Point Cost
1 - 22 3
23 - 34 4
35 - 44 5
45 - 51 6
52 - 56 7
57 - 61 8
62 - 66 9
67 - 69 10
70 - 73 11
74 - 76 12
77 - 78 13
79 - 81 14
82 - 83 15
84 - 85 16
86 - 88 17
89 18
90 - 91 19
92 - 93 20
94 - 95 21
96 22
97 - 98 23
99 24
100 25
Rank A
Level Point Cost
1 - 20 2
21 - 30 3
31 - 40 4
41 - 100 5
Rank S
Level Point Cost
1 - 20 1
21 - 30 2
31 - 40 3
41 - 100 4

In order to obtain the points to level up these stats, the player must level their pet. The pet may also start with a random number of skill points from xx - xx. Pets gain exp at half the rate that the player does, and the exp table is as follows:

Experience Table
Level Exp to Next Level Exp to Next Level Exp to Next
1 90 18 79481 35 538467
2 360 19 91530 36 597561
3 980 20 104829 37 662037
4 2045 21 119464 38 732301
5 3576 22 135527 39 808786
6 5581 23 153112 40 891948
7 8074 24 172314 41 982275
8 11079 25 193233 42 1080281
9 14628 26 215972 43 1186512
10 18762 27 240632 44 1301544
11 23527 28 267319 45 1425988
12 28976 29 296141 46 1560490
13 35164 30 327203 47 1705732
14 42153 31 360616 48 1852436
15 50008 32 396485 49 2010360
16 58799 33 434918 50 Level Maxed
17 68597 34 484373

The skill points gained by the pet can also be used to teach the pet new skills. Some pets may start with skills already learned and some do not. A pet may also not be able to learn every possible skill, or any at all. The skills differ from pet to pet.

Kijimuna Skills
Skill Name Skill Point Cost
Ramming Attack 0
Ramming Attack -I- 15
Ramming Attack -II- 15
Ramming Attack -III- 15
Ramming Attack -IV- 15
Spinning Attack -I- 25
Spinning Attack -II- 25
Spinning Attack -III- 25
Spinning Attack -IV- 25
Kicking Attack -I- 30
Kicking Attack -II- 30
Kicking Attack -III- 30
Kicking Attack -IV- 30
Ittanmomen Skills
Skill Name Skill Point Cost
Slap 0
Slap I 15
Slap II 15
Slap III 15
Slap IV 15
Whirlwind I 25
Whirlwind II 25
Whirlwind III 25
Whirlwind IV 25
Wind Cutter I 30
Wind Cutter II 30
Wind Cutter III 30
Wind Cutter IV 30

Advantage and Disadvantage on Nature

3 soukanzu

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