Mitsunari of the West, Is the West Camp Leader within Sekigahara, And one the Faction you have to pick Apart of the Main story.But you Chose to Join the East and Kill him, you can find him In the Nether West Camp then to fight the East Leader (This doesn't bring him back to the over world, so pick Wisely on which side you wish to join).

Bestiary Entry 079:Edit

Shizuka's Bestiary:Edit

"The Fox warlord, Mitsunari-san. With his level-headedness and ability to grasp control in any situation, he quickly rose to power over the Fox youkai throughout the country. Being more of a tactician than a brawler, he tends to stay away from the front lines and prefers to guide his allies in battle. Displeased with the prolonged stalemate, he is constantly devising new plans to turn the tables in his favor. Despite his cool demeanor, he is able to spew large amounts of flames and burn his foes. Watch out!" 79

Variation of MitsunariEdit




Boss ImageEdit

Enemy 11000

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