Bestiary Entry 050: Edit

Shizuka's Bestiary:Edit

"If you're possessed by this youkai, you'll be overcome by depression and feel like hanging yourself! Apparently these youkai are a mass of malice from people who died by hanging. They seems to believe that driving others to die in the same manner as themselves will allow them to attain paradise. There's no way they could go to heaven after driving others into despair, right? They've got really horrible faces, even for youkai. I don't really want to look at them for too long, it feels like they'll show up in my dreams! Quick, let's put it out of its misery quickly!" KubireOni

Variation of Kubire OniEdit

Kubire OniEdit


Kubire Oni

Kubire OniEdit


Kubire Oni

Other VariationEdit

Yami Kubire OniEdit

  • Yami Kubire Oni

Yami Kubire Oni

Valentine Vubire OniEdit

  • Valentine Vubire Oni

Valentine Vubire Oni

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