If you would like to see the NPC version of this Youkai, please see, Hashi-hime (NPC).

Bestiary Entry 058:Edit

Shizuka's Bestiary:Edit

"A lovestricken youkai who often disguises herself as a human and wanders throughout Kyoto. It's said that she came into existence after a jilted woman threw herself from a bridge. When she finds a new crush, she'll assume the appearance of a beautiful woman and entice them into her lair, an old well. Nobody knows what fearsome fate awaits her victims because none of them have ever come back alive...or so you think. Apparently nobody's actually dumb enough to follow her in. Lately her affections seem to have shifted towards Player-san. Even though she's a youkai, she has a maiden's heart so make sure you give it some thought." 58

Variation of Hashi-himeEdit




Other VariationEdit

Haunted House HashihimeEdit

  • Haunted House Hashihime

Haunted House Hashihime

Boss ImageEdit

Enemy 01910

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