Background Edit

Fukuyo is a teacher in Kumaso Village. Through her teaching she uses a lot of ink and currently has run out. Without the ink her school would not be able to continue and she may be forced to shut down. She cares about her school and students as she seemed saddened by the fact her school may be shutdown from the lack of materials at hand. The player arrives to be able to lend her a hand by going out to find some Ink for her. This allows for Fukuyo to continue teaching her students unimpaired by resource limitations.

Fukyko worries about her son, Fukuyo's Student, Kojo, since he stays inside all day reading. She wants him to leave the house and go play, but she doesn't know how to do that. When she notices a passing Oni, the player, she instructs the player to escort her son to the hustle and bustle of the capital, Kyoto. To get her son to follow the player, she instructs the player to mention to her son that he will be able to study under a Fox god, Kitsune Girl Izuna, which is more than enough for him.

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