Weapon Name Bronze (37,340 Ryou) Silver (45,740 Ryou) Gold (56,040 Ryou)
Abeno Twin Blades3.13%1.88%0.31%
Amenoohabari no Tsurugi Rare90.42%1.25%6.67%
Chalcedony Staff3.13%1.88%0.31%
Clumsy Tachi7.00%5.00%0.00%
Cypher Rare90.42%1.25%6.67%
Dark Scaled Walnut Spear Rare6 12.00%6.00%3.00%
Diamond Battleaxe3.13%1.88%0.31%
Earth Fugen Talisman Rare6 12.00%6.00%3.00%
Exorcism Staff Rare70.42%1.25%6.67%
Geikotsu Tachi3.13%1.88%0.31%
Ginrou Twin Blades3.13%1.88%0.31%
Golden Eye Rare90.42%1.25%6.67%
Hand-me-down Spear7.00%5.00%0.00%
Hexagonal Bow3.13%1.88%0.31%
Ice Quartz Battleaxe Rare6 12.00%6.00%3.00%
Ise Talisman3.13%1.88%0.31%
Kaen Sword3.13%1.88%0.31%
Kengou Sword3.13%1.88%0.31%
Kogarasumaru Rare90.42%1.25%6.67%
Kujakuishi Battleaxe3.13%1.88%0.31%
Kumakiri Tachi3.13%1.88%0.31%
Light Stone Axe7.00%5.00%0.00%
Lightning Brass Staff Rare6 12.00%6.00%3.00%
Lightning Tachibana Bow Rare6 12.00%6.00%3.00%
Ragetsu's Staff3.13%0.00%0.00%
Rengeshu Talisman3.13%1.88%0.31%
Silver Arrowroot Spear3.13%1.88%0.31%
Split Staff7.00%5.00%0.00%
Steel Willow Spear3.13%1.88%0.31%
Weird Talisman7.00%5.00%0.00%
Youyuuki Bow3.13%1.88%0.31%

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