Weapon Name Bronze (150 Ryou) Silver (180 Ryou) Gold (230 Ryou)
Bardiche Rare70.71%2.14%11.43%
Blunted Tachi8.75%6.25%0.00%
Flame Sukedachi Rare6 13.33%10.00%5.00%
Fledgling Sparrow Bow6.25%3.75%0.63%
Gingko Spear6.25%3.75%0.63%
Heavenly Nora Twin Blades Rare6 13.33%10.00%5.00%
Iron Battleaxe6.25%3.75%0.63%
Jizou Talisman6.25%3.75%0.63%
Kezuriki Katana8.75%6.25%0.00%
Kotetsu Rare70.71%2.14%11.43%
Log Bow8.75%6.25%0.00%
Manjusri of Flame Rare6 13.33%10.00%5.00%
Matagi Battleaxe8.75%6.25%0.00%
Nameless Sword6.25%3.75%0.63%
Nihongou Rare90.71%2.14%11.43%
Oak Staff6.25%3.75%0.63%
Onigiri Rare90.71%2.14%11.43%
Thirty Six Poets Rare90.71%2.14%11.43%
Yamaneko Twin Blades6.25%3.75%0.63%

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