Background Edit

Takeru is currently taking over as chief for his grandfather who suddenly fell ill. During the time he has taken over while his grandfather recovers, the Kamikui Tiamat flies over the village and sends the village into a panic as to what they have seen along with the riling up of the local Youkai. Through his quick actions, he takes good counsel from Yoshitsune and Sanae to act upon the best course of action of protecting the village from the Youkai and Tiamat residing in Sakurajima Depths.

When he starts to receive comments that he doesn't dress fashionably enough for his age, Takeru decides to take it upon himself to change up his look. He acquires some Blackened Rose-coloured Glasses to be more "fashionable", but instead of being seen as fashionable Darumaru the Diminutive mistakes him for a pervert. Takeru decides to stick with his normal clothes and not try to be fashionable again.

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