Story Edit

Tea Girl Aono has spotted a giant Kijimuna, never seen before and it has been acting extremely creepy around the other Kijimuna. Tea Girl Aono entrust you, the player, to driving off this new menace before something happens to the customers.

You head off in search of the new breed of Kijimuna wondering as to the size and powerful nature of this creepy Youkai and stumble upon the giant Kijimuna at the entrance to Onigashima. You step up to talk to it and find out that it is not a new breed of Youkai, but Kason the Scholar! Kason is a man who is obsessed with studying the Kijimuna and just earlier, you helped his study by giving him the materials to construct a suit to make him look like a Kijimuna. He disappeared after you gave him the materials and you forgot all about him until you see him standing in front of you in a very convincing Kijimuna outfit that makes him almost twice as large as a normal Kijimuna.

Fabre Kijimuna

Kason the Scholar in his Kijimuna Costume

You tell Kason the Scholar that he looks pretty creepy in that suit and he takes note that he will stop what he is doing soon. He then runs off after the Kijimuna yelling into the sky "Kijimuna!!".

You return to Tea Girl Aono to tell her that the Kijimuna was not a new breed, but actually just your friend, Kason the Scholar.

Quest Completed.

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